A Short History of Maxos, the Dragon Mage is a book that the player can find as random loot.


This book describes the few facts still known unto man about the legendary wizard Maxos, who was very probably the most powerful human to have ever lived, but has, for many centuries, waned from the memory of professor and pauper alike. Those few still familiar with his exploits remember that he was a mind of such intellect even the Dragons took notice of him and granted him powers unheard of: the mightiest of these being the ability to bestow upon followers of his choosing the magic that made them Dragon Knights. Today, his vast Battle Tower has decayed into a necromancers' playground. But people who look into his red, crystal eyes - as they stand before the great pediment of what they may not even realise is the temple that bears his name in Broken Valley - can still feel that power that was.

– A Short History of Maxos, the Dragon Mage, Divinity II: Ego Draconis

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