This quest is accepted from The Librarian in Maxos' Temple.


  1. Enter the Bedroom Quarters.
  2. Search for a key in one of the rooms.
  3. Return to the lower level and find a Chest that is by a lit candle, open it and receive the Orbis Arcesso.
  4. Read the Orbis Arcesso.
  5. Return to The Librarian.


Default: 1500 exp, 320 gold, and a Dragon Skill Book (bugged on DKS as you might not receive the book and even if you do get it the book doesn't give a dragon skill point)

Extra: 375 exp or a random Item.


When I played the Xbox 360 Ego Draconis version, 'm sure I got the Dragon Skill Book as a reward for this but on the Xbox 360 DKS version, I did not get this despite The Librarian stating he gave you a book that you'll find useful when you become a dragon knight. It might be a glitch..

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