This quest only becomes available and updates when Wolgraff is in the party.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Meet the voiceless rabbit in Cyseal, near the bridge to Luculla forest. As the rabbit is mute its directions are very vague: it points towards the north-east. Wolgraff will get EXTREMELY interested about it. Talk to him to start the quest.
  2. Talk to a "Sad deer" in Luculla Forest. You will find him walking around right to the south from the spot where Roy's Menagerie quest events happened. The Deer will silently point to the east.
  3. Talk to the dog in Hunter's Edge, by the bridge and central fountain.
  4. Visit the alchemist's lab in The Temple of the Dead (once you can get into the Phantom Forest, see the quest A Forge of Souls for more details about this temple), where you can find Bottled Voice.
  5. You can also talk to the Boar walking close to "Phantom Forest North" Waypoint portal. You will realize that whoever took his voice should be really close.
  6. Then look for Imal the Squealer. You will find him close to the Kickstarter Tree from The Legend of the Weresheep quest. Kill him for 19000 XP and loot the Voxwood and recipe book.
  7. Combine the Bottled Voice and Voxwood for the Vocalisation Potion and give it to Wolgraff.


  • 19000 XP
  • Wolgraff's voice
  • That Voice Again achievement (for Enhanced Edition game on Steam)

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