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Amdusias-human form

The human form

Amdusias is a dragon found in the Maxos' Temple, in the Blood Altar room. You can mind read him in either dragon or human form for 400 exp to learn the password to his locked chest in the Bedroom Quarters which is "Lovis". Lovis states that he is his archrival, and asks you to obtain his Soul Stone in a quest. In his dragon form, Amdusias will attack you from the sky with fire at a rate of around 12 magic damage per half a second when you approach the blood altar. In this state he is invulnerable to all damage. To get him back to human form you must obtain the book, phial of blood and dragon scales. He is then a boss fight at level 13. Upon defeat you will be able to read the book on the blood altar which then takes you to the next part of the story.

He was fierce rival of Lovis because only one of them could become a Dragon Knight.Lovis proved to be the best so he won the competition.Now he is a ghost bound to the Citadel in Broken Valley and his soul is found in the possesion of Amdusias.To free him and complete the quest Lost Soul you must bring him his soul back or you can smash it on the Blood Altar to complete the quest In Cold Blood, thus releasing the ghosts of his servants.

It is interesting to note that Amdusias loathed his master,Maxos and will be infuriated when the aspiring Dragon Knight found out this silly yet wicked jibe directed towards the failed whelp of a Dragon Knight. The idea of the Dragon Knight suceeding the Maxos Temple trials and his ears constantly besieged by the name of his master he depised to the very end is night intolerable. On the contrary, The Dragon Knight has ample delightfully chances taunting Amdusias, even after his death.


Amdusias-dragon form

The dragon form

In the fight, it is highly recommended to get in close to deal the most damage (use of the Rush attack skill will help achieve this), and that you are at least level 14, You might be able to take him on lower levels if you have a lot of health potions. From afar he can do an explosive shot which can hit you for a massive 160-220 damage (varying on level, ranged resistance) as well as a regular shot for about 30-50 damage. Close to, he can fear you away from him which will then set you up for another ranged attack, or use a regular melee attack. Get in close with two one-handed swords/axes and he will die very quickly. Another alternative strategy is to send in a creature to distract him while you deal the damage.

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