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After accepting The Fabulous Five quest, talk to Arhu about his failed experiment. He'll give you Arhu SparkMaster 5000 Universal ControllerDOS Items Quest Arhu SparkMaster 5000 Universal Controller and allow you to take Universal Controller Instruction ManualDOS Items Quest Universal Controller Instruction Manual with instructions on how to use the remote.


Arhu Spark Master 5000

Arhu SparkMaster 5000

  1. Go to the cave, mentioned in The Fabulous Five quest. There you will meet three soldiers who will aid you in the fight with the SparkMaster 5000.
  2. You can fight the Arhu SparkMaster 5000 normally or use the remote to your advantage.
    • Use the remote for Weapon Deactivation Mode (Sleepy-Sleepy-Happy) for disabling the Sparkmaster's defenses and weakening him.
    • If you want to deactivate it completely, then use Party Mode (Happy-Happy-Happy) followed by Self Destruct Mode (Angry-Angry-Sleepy) on your next turn. This option will give you no XP.
    • Note: You can only use a combination once.
    • Note: The remote control is currently (2017-12-27) bugged and sometimes the only command that works is self-destruct - confirmed by multiple sources. Results may vary.
  3. If anyone of the soldiers survived, return to Cyseal and go to the prison, downstair in Legionnaire HQ. Talk to Richard and win a minigame for 790 Charisma XP and access to the treasure room.

Alternatively, if you did not join the Fabulous Five, it is possible to receive the quest once you enter the cave, after which the remote control can be retrieved.


  • 1575 XP if you defeat Arhu SparkMaster 5000 without deactivating it
  • 1935 XP for killing skeletons
  • 1800 XP

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