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Armor sets are made up of separate pieces of armor, jewelry, and weapons with the same names. The more pieces of a set are being worn, the higher the added bonuses.

List of Armor Sets Edit

Additionally the Sets for the Dragon Knight Saga (DKS) Version, have been added at the end. These are:

Broken Valley

Aleroth City

The following sets are specials for Steam and the North American Xbox versions:

These are rough maps on where to find the set pieces, they are not yet complete but shall be soon. Please be aware that these maps do not show the Z-angle, and there might be several levels of platforms you will have to search, but stick close to these maps and you shouldn't have a trouble finding them.

They are all in chests so another tip is just to fly around the Flying Fortresses and look for chests.

Additionally, if you miss a piece some vendors will sell them, and some enemies will drop them. For example, in High Hall the Hunter Bow can be purchased after taking care of their problem. Also the Scorpion Cuirass can be purchased from the dragon worshipers at Dragon Cliff Castle in the Orobas Fjords.

It would seem that since the loot is random, different armor pieces may appear in marked locations for a different set (for example an Archmage piece has appeared in a Hunter piece marked box). Make sure to save prior to being in sight range with the box so that the game can be reloaded for another random chance at obtaining the correct piece.

Addendum [Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga players only]Edit

After a little head scratching; the post here (Larian Studios Forum) details that the armor set locations for the Scorpion, Aleroth Archmage and Hunter are in different locations if you have the DKS version.

You’ll find them in the following locations:



Aleroth ArchmageEdit

Archmage set Edit

Hunter set Edit

Scorpion set Edit

Helmet Edit

Head straight northeast from the cuirass location until you reach the edge of the slightly lower platform, the helmet is in the chest by some crates and a wooden cart by the edge.

Bracelet Edit

In the upper half of the map that looks like a large island surrounded by six slightly smaller ones, the bracelets are located on the southside of the southwestern smaller island.

Ulthring's Set Edit

You get a piece of equipment from each flying fortress in Orobas Fjords (except Keara's). You have to mindread the following people before killing them to obtain their piece of the set:

Note: In DKS the Ulthring's set stats are different, for example: Cuirass: +13 Melee Armor, +5 Ranged Armor, +9 Magic Armor, +7 Spirit, +1 Regeneration and 3 slots.

Ulthring's Helmet (required level 30)

  • (Full armor bonus: 20 Ranged Armor Rating)
  • + 9 Melee Armor Rating
  • + 3 Magic Armor Rating
  • + 6 Magic Armor Rating
  • + 6 Vitality
  • + 5 Spirit
  • + 1 Mana leech
  • 1 Charm slot
  • 3 Enchantments slots

Ulthring's Cuirass (required level 28)

  • (Full armor bonus: 20 Melee Armor Rating)
  • + 13 Melee Armor Rating
  • + 4 Magic Armor Rating
  • + 4 Melee Armor Rating
  • + 5 Magic Armor Rating
  • + 4 Ranged Armor Rating
  • + 5 Spirit
  • + 1 regenerate skill
  • 2 Enchantment slots
  • 1 charm slot

Ulthring's Gauntlets (required level 26)

  • + 4 Melee Armor Rating
  • + 1 Ranged Armor Rating
  • + 1 Magic Armor Rating
  • + 5 Melee Armor Rating
  • + 5 Magic Armor Rating
  • + 5 Vitality
  • + 7 Spirit
  • + 1 Life Leech
  • 2 Enchantment Slots
  • 1 Charm Slot

Ulthring's Leggings (required level 29)

  • (Full armor bonus: 10 Vitality)
  • + 6 Melee Armor Rating
  • + 6 Melee Armor Rating
  • +1 Evade skill
  • + 7 Spirit
  • 2 Enchantments slots

Dragon Knight Saga Sets Edit

Broken Valley / Sentinel Island area:

Defenders of Aleroth Set Edit

  • Vampire Mace: Bellegar, when falling down after the third vision from Sosostra.
  • Helmet: Bought from Locke at the Broken Valley - Black Boar.
  • Armor: Bought from Carlin, the smith atop Lovis' Tower.
  • Leggings: Prize for destroying the Hellgate (West of the Quarry), dropped by the demon (you have to activate the pedestal 4 times in total, first 3 times you have to fight Black Ring members).

Rivellon Guards Set Edit

  • Rivellon Guards Legging: bought from Derk, the blacksmith in the Broken Valley Village.
  • Rivellon Guards Armour: looted from the chest after defeating Lord Arben in To Lay a Ghost to Rest quest in the tomb found in the Rivertown Chapel.
  • Rivellon Guards Warhammer: reward from defeating the Demon at the summoning circle near the South Valley Shrine, where George Gremory can be found.

Wild Dwellers Set Edit

  • Leggings: Third chest in The Temple of Doom during the fire trial.
  • Helmet: In the Broken Valley - Lost Cavern, next to the Chapel Shrine teleport. The key is on a chair close to a goblin tent.
  • Bow: Robin's storage, close to Penelope's grave, under a large tree.
  • Armor: Chest after going to Sentinel Island.

Blood Echelon Set Edit

Aleroth area:

Order of the Viper Set Edit

  • Leggings: Found in a chest in the back of the locked room in the sewer tunnels in crow's nest. Mind reading the chef Dwayne reveals there are buttons next to the lower torches (2 buttons to left of bridge and one to right) as you cross the bridge-path to his room.
  • Bracers: Found in a chest in the secret room in the basement of the haunted Playhouse, opened by the button next to the desk after minding reading the Ghost who gives you the quest.
  • Armor: Given when mindreading Balbus, the guy that rewards you for killing targets in the Circle of Trust Inn.
  • Belt: Looted off of General Luxurious
  • Helmet: Appears in a jewel box that materializes after arranging the paintings in the Top Room of the Phoenix Inn in the right order: 1st painting move up once, 2nd do not move, 3rd painting move up 3 times. The room will be locked so you must go to Lanilor Lane. The key will be on the steps around the bridge. This key is also key for quest Something Rotten.

Shadow Archer Set Edit

  • Leggings: Chest in a small treasure room in the Temple of Nimir
  • Bracers: Chest in the Healer House, after mind reading Decimus on the bed.
  • Cuirass: Can be bought from Brancussi at Willy's House, or simply by killing him.
  • Braclet: Found in the jewelry box in the room where Abbott was trapped in, inside the forgotten crypt.
  • Helmet: Found on a ledge on the East Side of Source Square after/during the Engineer Encounter.

Dragon Wizard Set Edit

  • Leggings: Chest in Laeniel's Room in Hansel's house.
  • Bracers: Chest in the far corner of the room where you pick the "flower that does not exist", in the temple of Nimir as mind reading the ghost reveals there is a button behind the first chest.
  • Armor: Given after mind reading Nericon , an enchanted tree in Crow's Nest.
  • Helmet: Gula's Chest, after curing him of his unfortunate curse.
  • Earrings: Appears in inventory after mindreading Ursula the witch, who thinks about enchanted earrings.

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