The Black Boar is all but empty; most customers have fled the premises because a group of rowdy Seekers terrorised them in their drunken stupor. I'm sure Tim the barkeep would be glad to see them gone - not to mention the Barmaid Elsa, who has to bear the brunt of their lewd talk.

Band of Brutes is an side quest in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Speak to Merrill or Anthony out of the group of drunken Seekers. You will need to ask them to leave, the hard way. Louis will show up and ask what happened, their fate lies with you. After talking to Louis, speak with Tim the barkeep to finish the quest.

You will get a discount at the Rivertown Tavern, a default reward of 113 experience and 80 gold, and one choice of either 80 more gold or random item opon turning in the quest.

If you don't turn them in and cover for them instead you will be able to open a new quest - Louis' Stash. To open this quest you'll find Merrill in the upper side of the baracks and he'll send you to the dungeon next to the church to retrieve a sash. If you've decided to turn them in, they will be sent after a troll, and eventually you'll find them as they are killed by it.