This is a list of the various Blood / Star Stone and their respective locations throughout the game.

Stone 1 (Star or Blood)Edit

A star stone is dropped by Evelyn in Theyron's Healing House when you make a choice to save either Boris or Steven. Alternatively, you can steal the blood stone directly from Evelyn by pickpocketing her.

Stone 2 (Star)Edit

Found at the scene of Councillor Jake's murder at the King Crab Inn in Cyseal.

Stone 3 (Star)Edit

Found by the Waypoint Portal near the bridge that links Cyseal and Luculla Forest.

Stone 4 (Blood)Edit

Found in Pontius' Chest on his Ship

Stone 5 (Star)Edit

Found in Bracus Rex's personal belongings chest in the northeast corner of the same room where you battle him. Cannot be opened without the correct key. You can also use an unlock scroll.

Stone 6 (Star)Edit

Found during the Immaculate Trial in the last area of the dungeon after completing the final puzzle.

Stone 7 (Blood)Edit

Found in the hidden room at the end of Maradino’s Lab.

Stone 8 (Star or Blood)Edit

Found at the beginning of the quest involving Mangoth. The type of stone depends on your choices during dialogue with Mangoth.

Stone 9 (Blood)Edit

Found when you destroy the totem in the Goblin Village.

Stone 10 & 11 (Blood)Edit

Both are hidden in the cellar of the Immaculate church in Silverglen (accessible after meeting Loic at the end of the Immaculate trial).

Stone 12 (Star)Edit

Found in Boreas' treasure vault.

Stone 13 (Blood)Edit

Found when you destroy the talking Iron Maiden in the Hiberheim prison.

Stone 14 (Star)Edit

Found when you open the sarcophagus in the Knight's Tomb.

Stone 15 (Star)Edit

Buried in the Source Temple near the broken Teleport Mirror you encounter shortly after entering.

Stone 16 (Blood)Edit

Found in the Temple of the Dead above Cassandra's true corpse in the eye of the stone titan head.

Stone 17 (Star) Edit

The amulet that Zandalor wears around his neck contains a star stone. Once you get close enough to him in the Source Temple it will activate.

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