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Ursula is a witch found in the Prancing Seahorse in Aleroth. She is there to obtain a powerful spell that will allow her to rule a land far awar. You are faced with the choice of letting her go in exchange for undoing the vegetable enchantment on the Prancing Seahorse residents, or killing her.

Quest InvolvementEdit

Ursula is the objective of Seahorse Salad


You can mindread Ursula for 22500 XP to gain an additional reward of Dragon Wizard Earrings.

Strategy GuideEdit

If you choose to fight Ursula, you must enter the portal to the Hellish Dimension. You will be greeted by two groups of minions that you should eliminate before fighting Ursula. Walk off the ledge just to the left of the broken bridge near the upper teleporter, and fall to the ledge below. Facing the rock wall, head to the right and drop down again. Pull the lever next to the teleporter and then enter it. Begin attacking Ursula, and as soon as she teleports to the other area, run into the teleporter and resume attack as soon as you are out. Repeat this process until she is dead. After she has been defeated loot the Vegetable Spell from the chest near the teleporter furthest from your entry location.



Prancing Seahorse - Hellish Dimension - Portal

After choosing to fight Ursula a portal will appear. Make any preparation necessary and walk into the portal.

Find the LeverEdit

Hellish Dimension - Map - Lever Sequence

Watch the short cutscene and eliminate Ursula's minions. Before you can fight her you must pull a lever to activate two teleporters located on opposite sides of the platform.


Hellish Dimension - Level 0 - Jump Point

Turn around towards your entry point and look for a conspicuously downed barricade next to an inactive teleporter. Walk onto the fence and drop down to the platform below.

Turn AroundEdit

Hellish Dimension - Level minus-1 - Follow Point

Spiral around each level of platform until you reach another inactive teleporter and a lever.

Pull the LeverEdit

Hellish Dimension - Level minus-2 - Lever Teleport

Pull the lever to active the teleporter next to it and both teleporters on the surface.


Hellish Dimension - Fight Sequence

Begin the fight with Ursula. After a short period of time she will teleport away. Run to the nearest teleporter and follow her. Continue your attack by bouncing between teleporters.

For a breakdown of the rewards for this fight and the triggering quest refer to Quest: Seahorse Salad.

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