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For the warrior you want to basically raise your vitality and strength up. Seeing as you will be up to your opponents face Vitalilty is a must.

Fighting Styles: plus one

Depending on your fighting stye you will have to adjust accordingly.

For a dual wielder, focus more on Vitality and less on strength.


Because you are wielding 2 swords you will be dishing out more damage than any other form of warrior.

Sword an shield:

You can have a mixture of both strength an vitality. I for one had them both even and it saw me through the hardest of battles.

2hnd Warrior:

This is a bit more of a challenging style to take on. You attack slower but the damage is not un-noticed. More on strength and less on Vitality.

Skills For warriors:

To begin this off you will definitely want to have summon undead. He provides you with some breathing room and can save your hide a couple times.

You will want to raise your expertise with said fighting style you take on because you will do much more damage. Also want to have life leech and Mana Leech.

Life leech does exactly what it says. For each hit you do. You have a percentage of taking life from your opponent and adding it to your own reserve of health. Mana leech is the same except you have a really much higher chance of leeeching mana with which will come in handy in the long run.

Reason for these 2 is because depending on your level enemies will either gang up on you an take you out if your not prepared. Or just take more items to cope with. These 2 skills will save you money in the long run.

Also, you will also want to raise, bleed, whirlwind, reflect, evade, and summon undead.

These 5 skills is what I used to beat the game and they saved me from certain death a couple times.

These are basic knowledge of what you may use to strike down foe after foe. Hopefull

this works for you as it did for me.

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