Builds for Divinity: Original Sin 2 Edit

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Melee Characters Extra Details (I.E. summarization,etc.)
Warrior by Unknown wikia editor Contains builds for Sword n' Board, 2H DPS and Dual DPS
Warrior by Heartbeat-Sensei Contains builds for Sword n' Board, 2H DPS and Dual DPS
2 Handed Warrior by SmurfInHell An exceptionally powerful street sweeper. Solo Viable
Rogue Characters

Extra Details (I.E. summarization,etc.)

Caster Characters

Extra Details (I.E. summarizations,etc.)

Ranged Characters

Extra Details (I.E. summarization,etc.)

Hybrid Characters

Extra Details (I.E. summarizationetc)

Arcane Archer by SmurfInHell

Ranger build utilizing magic/physical dmg. Solo Viable

Hybrid Mage by SmurfInHell 2-3 hybrid mage variants that create powerful combos
Odd or Misc. Builds

Extra Details (I.E. summarization,etc.)

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