Lieutenant Casca is a Champion located in the Mardaneus Plaza district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

When first approached near the fence separating Crow's Nest from Mardaneus Plaza, you witness him giving an inspirational speech to his fellow Champions. Bubo is motivated to spontaneously charge into Crow's Nest, and is quickly struck down by lightning cast by the great tree, Nericon. He asks for your help, and approaching the tree begins the quest Bark up the Right Tree.


Casca can be mindread for 15000 exp to reveal: "We all might die soon, and all I can think about is the little zeppelin I used to play with as a child."

This is a hint that he would like the Miniature Zeppelin received from Dr. West at the Circle of Trust Inn during the quest Mind over Matter. In exchange, he'll give you a Compass that may be of interest to a fellow Champion.



Location of Casca ("A" on map):
Mardaneus Plaza map (D2 FoV location)


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