Residents Edit

The Caverns are a mini ghetto for some of the non-human residents of Fort Joy and two human children. These include Mody, Frolie, Rulah, Saheila, Amyro, Kalias and Elodi.

Kalias is the camp's Warfare vendor.

Connecting Zones Edit

Quests Edit

Guaranteed Loot Edit

There are two chests in this map that can be acquired via use of Teleportation. The first is in Modies Hideout listed below and the other is after the Amphibians on a ship at the edge of the map; seen to the right as the fourth picture.

Enemies Edit

Secrets and Oddities Edit

Modies Hideout ===

480 Experience for discovery.

Contains: 1 Regular chest, 1 barrel, "The Adventures of the Hero" book.

Although not really a "secret" you can see to the right on the map of the zone a small area on the left near the bend that can be teleported to, on it is a chest and an experience reward for discovering Mody's hideout.

Experience Edit

  • 375 for entering the back reach of the cave.
  • 300 for discovering Mody's hideout
  • 600 for clearing out the frogs and returning to Rulah


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