Charmed I'm Sure is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin.



Ninnius arguing with Marius over the charmed orc

When you enter the Cyseal Harbour warehouse, you will encounter two guards, Marius and Nimbus, and an orc to the right. You can talk to the guards to find out that the female orc attacked them and Marius threw his backpack at her which contained a charm potion. After hearing them out you can decide what to do with the orc. You have two choices:

  • Declare that the potion will fade off and the orc might become too dangerous for +1 Pragmatic Trait.
  • Agree that the orc is fully in love for +1 Romantic Trait.
  • Picking the Pragmatic Option results in the Orc's demise.
  • Picking the Romantic option will result in the death of both guards when you come back here later.

Note: If your 1st character chooses to leave orc alive, then your 2nd character protests, and 1st agrees to do as 2nd one says (that is, to kill orc), then the 1st character receives +1 Obedient, not Pragmatic (while the 2nd gets +1 Pragmatic all right)


  • +1 Romantic or +1 Pragmatic
  • 225 XP


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