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At Character Creation, the player needs to create two characters. There are 11 predefined classes, but the player can fully customize their characters to their own play-style.

Battlemage Amplifies brute strength with powerful magic.
Cleric Heals allies or smashes skulls, depending on the direction of the winds.
Enchanter Prefers to turn the tide of battle from afar, manipulating foes with powerful magic.
Fighter Brutal warrior and expert in close combat.
Knight Specialized in war tactics, knights are trained not only to fight, but to rally troops.
Ranger A marksman with a legendary knack for self-preservation.
Rogue With a lot of skill and little luck, this rogue sees the world as an open coffer.
Shadowblade A powerful assassin whose arsenal of both daggers and magic would terrify any enemy, if they ever saw it coming.
Wayfarer A survivalist and a practitioner of magic, the Wayfarer is hard to hit and even harder to evade.
Witch An intimidating presence whose bone-chilling powers terrify friend and foe alike.
Wizard A scholar of magic specialized in starting and ending battles with a flick of the wrist, exacting swift victory from a safe distance.

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