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Clear everything outside and go in the fortress. You will find Keara's husband talking about how horrible it is being trapped there. Explore the fortress, find some statues, solve the riddle.

(Note: every time you fail to open the door all the enemies re-spawn and they all yield experience points and loot bags.) They go as follow:

Location Clue Name
Main Hall "Mayhem is not in the same room as Havoc. Devastation is in the same room as Chaos." Devastation
Lava Room (Right) "I am in the same room as Waste. I am neither Mayhem, nor Waste." Mayhem
Lava Room (Left) "I am neither Chaos, nor Havoc. Chaos is neither in my room, nor in Waste's" Havoc
Grass Room (Left) "I am either Devastation or Chaos. Waste is in the same room as Mayhem." Waste
Grass Room (Right) "Mayhem is alone in his room. Havoc is in this room." Chaos

You reach her room and have to convince her to let her husband's spirit go.

When talking with her if you convince her that her husband is with you you will get three choices in the last conversation that result in the following outcomes:

  1. (Tell her her husband never liked her) Keara tries to get rid of the skeleton and Velanir will join you in attacking her.
  2. (Tell her he wants to leave with her) Keara will set her husband free and will attack you alone.
  3. (Tell her they should be soul forged) Keara soul forges Velanir into the skeleton and they both attack you together.

However, If you choose to kill the ghost at the entrance and read her mind before you confront her, you can convince her that the skeleton is not her husband. As a result, she discards it, resulting in a one on one fight. This might be more favorable because you can fight Keara and her husband's ghost individually.

Reward Edit

The default reward is 7500 exp and 600 gold, and one choice from either 1875 exp 600 more gold or some random items.

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