Four companions can be found in the first town you will visit, Cyseal. They will offer to join your party and assist you through your travels. In addition, you will be able to hire mercenaries as companions once you get to the Hall of Heroes. The price you pay for a hireling is a one time cost. A player can have up to two companions. If one character has the Lone Wolf Talent, the party limits to only one companion. If both characters have the Lone Wolf Talent, they cannot have any companions. The game alters the companion's experience rate so that they are able to catch up to the characters' level.

Note: When asked to leave the party, companions return to the Hall of Heroes in the Homestead. If you don't have the Hall of Heroes unlocked yet, they will go to the King Crab Tavern in Cyseal.



Madora is a level 3 female Knight, found in the King Crab Tavern in Cyseal.

She hates every sort of magic including source magic, and has a sad history you can find out during the gameplay.

In fact, Madora was a Source Hunter who was posted to Hunter's Edge. But after long years of peace, her keen weakness, the boy's death and her horrible torture at the hands of orcs, that she'd gathered the last of her strength to grab the red stone in her pocket - with broken fingers, no less. Suddenly, she was healthy again - bones mended, gouged eye returned; the red stone the boy had given her was the legendary Blood Stone.

After her revival, Madora swore she will never be weak again, and will find the orc who ruined her life. She does finally meet the orc in Hunter's Edge, but the truth about him is shocking. You can find out the details during the Revenge of the Source Hunter quest.

Attributes Abilities Skills Talents
Strength 8
Dexterity 5
Intelligence 5
Constitution 7
Speed 6
Perception 5
Two-Handed 2
Body Building 1
Man-at-Arms 2
DOS Skill Battering Ram Battering Ram
DOS Skill Crushing Fist Crushing Fist
DOS Skill Dust Devil Dust Devil
DOS Skill Helping Hand Helping Hand
DOS Skill Melee Power Stance Melee Power Stance
Comeback Kid
What a Rush



Jahan is a level 3 male Wizard, found in the Library in Cyseal.

He hates dark magic too, and has a long history which you can delve into during gameplay.

In fact, he has lived nearly a thousand years. Long long time ago, he was a perfect prince who was handsome and good at magic. One day, he met a beautiful woman and fell in love with her. But suddenly the woman left, and Jahan became sick. He tried everything to cure himself in vain, and as a last resort he summoned a demon, Balberith. Balberith said that the woman he loved was also a demon, and he can lengthen his life for a thousand years for the price of his soul. Jahan, having no other options to choose, agreed with him.

After that Jahan adventured the world for nearly 1,000 years to find a way out to keep his soul. But he couldn't find any ways, that is when he met the player. You can face Balberith as well during the quest Follow the Wizard and help Jahan deal with him during the quest The King's Dark Deal.

Attributes Abilities Skills Talents
Strength 5
Dexterity 5
Intelligence 8
Constitution 7
Speed 5
Perception 6
Willpower 1
Aerotheurge 2
Hydrosophist 2




DOS Skill Minor Heal Minor Heal
DOS Skill Rain Rain
DOS Skill Bitter Cold Bitter Cold
DOS Skill Blitz Bolt Blitz Bolt
DOS Skill Headvice Headvice
DOS Skill Teleportation Teleportation
DOS Skill Staff of the Tempest Staff of the Tempest
Elemental Affinity
Far Out Man



Bairdotr is a level 3 female Ranger, found in a cage just outside of the Legion Headquarters in Cyseal.

She is not well aware of social affairs. She was caged because she had bitten a Legionnaire's face when the Legionnaire approached her from behind.

Bairdotr lived in Homeforest. She was raised by a bear, and if she wasn't fast and strong, she would have already been a prey. She wants to find the wizard, Jareth, who taught her humanity. She found out that a witch named Attenberah captured Jareth, so she has to find her first. She gives you a quest, The Wild Woman and the Renegade, during which you can learn the whole truth about Bairdotr, Jareth and the Phantom Forest.

Bairdotr has a natural immunity to Tenebrium, which means that she starts with 1 point in Tenebrium already and can't get Rot.

It is advisable to keep Bairdotr's attitude towards the Protagonists high before you complete the quest.

Attributes Abilities Skills Talents
Strength 5
Dexterity 7
Intelligence 5
Constitution 7
Speed 6
Perception 6
Bow 1
Tenebrium 1
Loremaster 1
Expert Marksman 2
DOS Skill Ricochet Ricochet
DOS Skill Tactical Retreat Tactical Retreat
DOS Skill Treat Poisoning Treat Poisoning
DOS Skill Ranged Power Stance Ranged Power Stance
Arrow Recovery



Wolgraff is a level 3 male Rogue. He can be found in the tunnel at the cemetery, in Cyseal.

Wolgraff can't speak, because sorcerers took his voice when he was young. He has been living a thief's life, but he never took things from the poor. His dream was to become a Source Hunter, but the Academy refused to accept a mute student. He is gentle, and willing to help a Source Hunter with his mission as well as to find those sorcerers who made him a mute.

His quill is magical, for it doesn't need additional ink. If you ask about this, you can find out that Wolgraff stole it from the house of the Wizard of the Hunter's Edge.

Wolgraff has a quest to get his voice back called A Voice in the Wilderness. It starts by talking to the dog in Hunter's Edge. Alternatively, it can be started by talking to a rabbit at Cyseal, near the bridge to Silverglen, or to a boar in Phantom Forest, near the Thorny Grounds waypoint.

Attributes Abilities Skills Talents
Strength 4
Dexterity 7
Intelligence 5
Constitution 5
Speed 8
Perception 7
Scoundrel 2
Lockpicking 1
Pickpocketing 1
Sneaking 1
DOS Skill Razor's Edge Razor's Edge
DOS Skill Fast Track Fast Track
DOS Skill Walk in Shadows Walk in Shadows
DOS Skill Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger
Light Stepper


Henchmen can be hired at the End of Time after unlocking the Hall of Heroes. The henchmen's level cannot surpass one level above the main character's level.

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