Creature Training Notes are notes found in the "Inner Passage" of Stone's Flying Fortress in the Orobas Fjords, presumably dictated by the necromancer Xanlosch while feeding his pet creature Isabelle.


Yes, write down exactly what I'm saying! I'll write a book about this later. Now then, Isabelle? Sit, Isabelle, sit! Good girl! Ulgar, cut a hand off the prisoner and give it to me. Here you go, Isabelle, a treat just for you! Now, rip apart those imps, Isabelle! Yes! Good! Hahahaa! Good! The kidneys, Ulgar! Come here, Isabelle, they're warm and fresh! Mmm, taste good, don't they, girl? Hahaha! Oh, how fast they grow. That's be all for today, Sutton! You don't have to... Stop writing you stupid son of...

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