Derk is the smith at Rivertown. He is located outside of the Broken Valley Village Blacksmith. When you first speak to him, he is rather rude and irritated towards the Slayer, saying that the day a dragon shows up in Broken Valley would be the day when "Folo's pigs fly." He greets you by saying "What is it with you people, can't you see I'm busy?" If you chose to help him and Dana solidify their relationship for the quest A Private Delivery, he becomes a lot more friendly and lowers his prices.

Derk is marked with the "Important Character" icon on the map.


"I think I lost my cellar key last time I saw Dana in Tim's barn. But oh, it was worth it!"

Mindreading Derk spawns his cellar key in the last stall of Tim's barn as well as lowering Derk's prices.

The quest and mindreading make it possible to lower his prices twice.

Merchant - Unique ItemsEdit

Divinity II: Flames of VengeanceEdit

Derk survived the Black Ring invasion of Broken Valley and is revealed to have traveled to Aleroth with Dana. However, he, Dana and Folo were all murdered at Madame Eve's brothel by Zombie Jake (see the quest The Murders in the Rue Lanilor). The victims' corpses were taken underground to the Eerie Undercroft, where they are used to protect Jake with an invincibility spell. The hero awakens Derk and the other victims as zombies so that they may be slayed again to break the spell, allowing Zombie Jake to be killed.