Talents Edit

Talent Description Extra Details
All Skilled Up 1 Combat and Civil ability point to spend immediately N/A
Ambidextrous Reduces the cost of using grenades and scolls by 1 AP when your offhand is free.
Arrow Recovery 33% Chance to recover a special arrow after firing it N/A
Bigger and Better Immediately grants +2 attribute points to spend N/A
Comeback Kid Be left with 1HP if attacked by a killing blow, must have more than 1HP N/A
Corpse Eater Lets you eat body parts to gain memories of the dead Elf racial talent
Demon +15% Fire resistance, -15% Water resistance. +10 Fire resistance. Incompatible with Ice King, Pyrokinetic 1 required
Duck Duck Goose Lets you evade attacks of opportunity 1 Huntsman
Dwarven Guile + 1 Sneaking Dwarf racial talent
Elemental Affinity Lowers the AP cost of spells by 1 when standing in a surface of the same element.
Escapist Allows you to flee combat when enemies are right next to you N/A
Executioner +2 AP after delivering kill blow. Only works once per turn.
Elemental Ranger Arrows afflict bonus elemental damage depending on the surface theyare standing in Huntsman 1
Far Out Man Increases spell and scroll cast distance by 2m N/A
Five-Star Diner Doubles the effects of food N/A
Glass Cannon Start with maximum AP every round, but Phy. and Mag. armor do not protect you from statuses N/A
Guerrilla While sneaking, Guerrilla increases attack damage by 40% 1 Sneaking
Hothead While at maximum Vitality +10% critical chance and +20% accuracy N/A
Ice King +15% Water resistance, -15% Fire resistance, +10 Water resistance Incompatible with Demon, Hydrophist 1 required
Ingenious Gives you 2 bonus Initiative and 5% extra Critical Chance Human Racial
Leech Heal when standing in blood N/A
Living Armour Adds 35% of all healing you receive by skills or consumables to your magic armour.
Lonewolf read the page
Mnemonic Gives you 3 extra points in your Memory attribute.
Morning Person When revived start at full HP N/A
Opportunist Ability to perform attack of opportunity N/A
Parry Master Gives you 10% Dodging while dual wielding.
Pet Pal Speak to animals N/A
Picture of Health +3% Vitality for every point in Warfare N/A
Savage Sortilege Gives all magical spells a critical chance of 50% of your critical chance score N/A
Slingshot Increase grenade throwing distance by 5m N/A
Sophisticated Grants +10% fire resistance and +10% poison resistance Lizard racial talent
Stench Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 25, but melee opponents find you less attractive in combat.
Sturdy Dwarf racial talent
The Pawn 1 Free AP to move with at start of turn N/A
Torturer Increases the duration of damage statuses caused by your skills and surfaces by 1 turn.
Undead Undead lets you heal from poison, but regular healing will damage you instead. Undead racial
Unstable Makes you explode when you die dealing 100% of vitality as physical damage in a 3 meter radius.
Walk it Off Reduces all status duration by 1 turn, positive effects also apply N/A
What a Rush Increases maximum recovery and maximum AP by 1 when below 30% HP N/A

Changes Edit

9-18-2017: Fixed talents list to be updated to current release talents.

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