Categories allow for articles and images to be classified and browsed through the Catgory tree. Categories are added to pages using the [[Category:<<Category name>>] tag at the bottom of the article.

Article categoriesEdit

Article categories fall into one of two standards:

  • Game categories
  • General categories

Game categoriesEdit

Game categories are applied to articles directly, depending on the game and article type.

  • [[Category:<<Game name>> <<article type>>]].

For example, books in Divine Divinity should be included in Category:Divine Divinity books and notes

General categoriesEdit

General categories are used in the category tree to allow search by specific grouping across games. For example, Category:Books and notes contains the Category:Divine Divinity books and notes and Category:Divinity: Original Sin Books categories.

Generally these categories would not appear on articles themselves, but there are a small number of exceptions.

Image categoriesEdit

Image categories are applied to images only. As with game categories images are classified by game, type and end with image.

  • [[Category:<<Game name>> <<article type>> images]]

For example, character images in Divine Divinity should be included in Category:Divine Divinity character images

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