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Dragon Elf

These creatures are an artificially created mixed race, combining the strength and power with the dragon's movements acting in a powerful race of elves.They were created to protect the largest magical source of Rivellon on the Sentinel Island.Everything went well when Maxos,the great wizard, ruled the island.He then dissappeared without a trace never to be heard again.Laiken,a necromancer, became the new master of the Battle Tower. The once flourishing landscapes have become dreary desert, and the hybrids who have been generous and brave, are now aggressive and cruel.

These creatures are found in the Sentinel Island and their level range from 15-18.

There are more types of Dragon Elves:

  • The Wild :weakest of all they have melee attacks.
  • The Ranger: ranged attacks.
  • The Mage : throwing powerfull spells.
  • The Captain: a melee attacking mob with better health than the average.
  • The Epic: the best Dragon Elf mob having powerful melee attacks and lots of health.
  • The Summoner: summons other Dragon Elves to aid him in battle.

Vacca is a friendly Dragon Elf which is found on Sentinel Island giving you the quest Ghostbuster.

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