Items Dragon Morph Stone


The Dragon Morph Stone is a Quest Item which grants Dragon Knights power to shift-shape to a dragon form.

Description Edit

A stone held by two beautifully-crafted dragons. You draw power from looking at it. It seems like you can control your morphing power with this stone.


After the main protagonist has successfully conquered the Battle Tower on Sentinel Island from Laiken with Sassan's help, he/she will receive a dragon stone along with a dragon morph stone.


There are places that the player can't use a dragon morph stone in order to become a dragon.

1.The player can't use it while he/she is in anti-dragon areas.

2.The player needs a large space to use a dragon morph stone.

3.The player can't use the stone while he/she is in buildings,caves, or dungeons(unless they have enough massive space.)

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