Description Edit

Enchant self or target with an earth shield that absorbs damage equal to the health of the target from all sources (not only Earth). Once damage absorbed exceeds that amount, the shield buff will be lost.

Does not stack with other elemental shield spells.
100% base chance to set DOS Buff Shielded (Earth) Shielded (Earth)Immune to DOS Status Effect PoisonedPoisoned
20% Chance to DOS Status Effect PoisonedPoison Melee Attackers
+50% Poison Resistance
+50% Earth Resistance
-25% Air Resistance

Skill: DOS Skill Earth Shield Earth Shield

Earth Shield Edit

  • 20% Chance to poison melee attackers on contact.
  • +50 Poison Resist
  • +50 Earth Resist
  • -25 Air Resist
  • Damage absorbing shield equal to target's vitality

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