Fire! Fire! Fire! is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin.

Walkthrough Edit

The burning ship

The sailors trying to put out the fire

When you enter Cyseal after first speaking to Arhu, you will find a burning ship on the docks to the left.

What you need to do is cast a Rain spell on the ship and the fire will be put out.

You can find the "Rain" Spell Scroll near the corpse of the guy who jumped off the rocks, which started the quest The Talking Statues. You can also find Rain scrolls in the tutorial dungeon.

If you do not have a Rain scroll, you can also recruit Jahan for his rain spell. Jahan can be found upstairs in Mayor Cecil's House. Just be quick - You need to put out fire before the ship burns down or the quest will fail. If the quest fails you get no Exp.

Alternative Edit

You can also cast fireball on the ship to immediately fail the quest.

Rewards Edit

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