Maxos' Temple First Room Left Gold Room

First room to the left, "Gold Room"

Maxos' Temple First Room Straight

First room straight, "Cup Room"

The First Puzzle Room in Maxos' Temple contains three main puzzle rooms and one portal to enter the next set of rooms. Each room contains specific actions to open the portal in the main room and summons monsters after each completed room.

How to complete the rooms Edit

  1. The room to the right can be finished by jumping on a number of floating ledges and activating the lever at the top of the room. (See the video for a walkthrough.)
  2. The room to the left can be finished only by 'using' a pumpkin. If you attempt to take or open anything else other than the pumpkin, you will lose health.
  3. The room straight from the entrance can be finished by 'using' a cup.
  4. After finishing all of the rooms and slaying all of the monsters, return to the main room and enter the portal to enter the next set of rooms.
Maxos' Temple Platform Room00:52

Maxos' Temple Platform Room

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