Folo 2


Bessy! My poor pig! She was too young to die, my Bessy!

Folo is the pig farmer at Broken Valley Village. He is located in the fenced area outside of Folo's House and assigns the side quest Saving the Bacon. You can buy ham from him, and mindread him for 33 exp.

Divinity II: Flames of VengeanceEdit

Folo traveled to Aleroth with his pig Kevin to escape Damian and the Black Ring. He wrote a fictional book about the journey, titled The Adventures of Folo and Kevin. He, Dana, and Derk were all murdered at Madame Eve's brothel by Zombie Jake (see the quest The Murders in the Rue Lanilor). The victims' corpses are eventually taken underground to the Eerie Undercroft, where they are used to protect Jake with an invincibility spell. The hero awakens Folo and the other victims as zombies so that they may be slayed again to break the spell, allowing Zombie Jake to be killed.