The quest is obtained during The Troll's Bounty at the end of Maradino's Lair when you pick up a Blood Stone Shard. You can also get the quest directly from Frederick.

He is located at the base of the cliff outside of Maradino's Lair. He is injured and his voice is audible when you are nearby.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. After retrieving the Blood Stone Shard, head towards Frederick. Don't get carried away and get there late, cause he can die if left for long.
  2. You can choose to give him the Blood Stone Shard for +1 Forgiving and 4500 XP. (Note: If you have any regular Blood Stones, that will do. All will be consumed, along with the Shard if you have it.) Frederick will be healed, and what happens next depends on whether Slaves and Masters has been completed.
    • If it was completed, Frederick will get angry at the loss of a star stone, and will attack. Otherwise:
    • Frederick will exact his fury on his Imp slave in Maradino's Lair. If you let him go there, he will confront and kill the Imp in Maradino's Lair. This quest and Slaves and Masters will both end. He will be hostile to your party once the Imp is killed.
    • You can try to win a RPS game to tell him to leave the Imp alone for 4500 Charisma XP. Frederick will be hostile to the party immediately. Kill him for 6300 XP.
  3. You can choose to keep the stone for yourself to get +1 Vindictive and 3150 XP. Frederick will leave wounded and bitter and this quest will end here.

Rewards Edit

  • 3150 XP +1 Vindictive or
  • 4500 XP +1 Forgiving + 3600 Exploration XP + (4500 Charisma XP for RPS) + 6300 XP and any loot Frederick has on him (high chance of Legendary items)

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