You receive this quest from Lawrence who is in the Miner's Office in Silverglen Village.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Enter the Silverglen Mines.
  2. Walk east until you reach Dreksis' cell. Speak to him and he will ask you to free him.
  3. Pull the lever to free Dreksis who will now attack you with his goons. Kill them all for 15600 XP and pick up Dreksis' HeadDOS Items Quest Dreksis' Head. Alternatively you can pull the fuse in the adjacent room from A Long Fuse to kill them all (including the friendly imp).
  4. Return to Lawrence (who will refuse to pay you) for 3500 XP.

Note: If you completed The Naked Truth quest earlier and Lawrence is either dead or out of town, you will not be able to finish this quest and it will stay unresolved until the very end of game.

Rewards Edit

  • 19100 XP

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