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This quest is accepted from Laura. You must hunt down four 'Grave Robbers' and find all four pieces of a key before you can enter the area with the treasure.

Pull the three levers to reveal a treasure chest and platforms. Note: One lever is hidden behind the crates towards the back right.

There is a Dragon Skill book located by the back right pillar.


  1. Speak with Laura about the treasure and other hunters.
  2. Find Jimmy Dean
  3. Find Jack Bolton
  4. Free Arthur Gremory from the Imps’ Lair
  5. Meet with Laura and Arthur Gremory at the cave.
  6. Enter the cave.

You can start the quest by finding either Laura or Arthur first. The first Adventurer and second are dead corpses. *Click on their names above for location details. 

Grave Robber 1: Jimmy Dean

Grave Robber 2: Jack Bolt

Grave Robber 3: Laura

Grave Robber 4: Arthur Gremory

I found Arthur before finding Laura and it asks me to find 3 other Adventurers.


Extra: 6000 exp or 560 gold.

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