Guards at the Bridge is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin. This is, most likely, the first quest you will encounter in the game.


Drunk guards

The two drunk guards at the bridge

After the fight with summoned Undeads, go Northeast towards the first town, Cyseal. You will meet two DOS Status Effect DrunkDrunk+2 Luck
-3 Intelligence
-5 Initiative
guards, Junius and Bibus guarding a bridge. Their mission is to guard the bridge and kill any Orcs they encounter. Because they are DOS Status Effect DrunkDrunk+2 Luck
-3 Intelligence
-5 Initiative
, at first they think you are an Orc, but speaking to them, you can prove otherwise. Before ending the dialogue you have two choices:

  • Agree to follow the guards to the town mage for +1 Obedient.
  • Refuse a drunken escort and subsequently kill the guards for +1 Independent.
  • If you kill the guards, an inter character dialogue becomes available for either +1 Compassionate or +1 Heartless.


  • 900 XP
  • +1 Obedient or +1 Independent depending on whether you follow the guards or kill them.
  • + 1 Heartless or + 1 Compassionate depending on the choices you make in the dialogue between the two main characters, after killing the guards.

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