You obtain this quest when you enter Luculla Mines and move the box near the entrance behind which Mikas is hiding.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. When you will hear a voice addressing you, move the middle box by the text to speak to Mikas. You will also acquire Rogue Dread Lords.
  2. Tell him to hide for +1 Cautious (Mikas will be killed when you return later) or tell him to run for +1 Bold. Either way you will resolve the quest for 3035 XP.
  3. If you have Madora in your party, tell him you are with Madora for +1 Blunt or tell him you know no Madora for +1 Considerate.

Rewards Edit

  • 3035 XP
  • +1 Bold or +1 Cautious
  • +1 Blunt or +1 Considerate (If you have Madora in your party)

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