History of the Dragon Slayers, Part I is the first volume of a three-book series.


After the cataclysmic event that was the death of the Divine, all the benevolent races of Rivellon were left with nothing but utter despair amidst a war-torn world. Sooner than any other race, however, the humans felt rise in them a great hate for Dragons who had, almost immediately after their impromptu alliance, betrayed them during the epic battle with Damian and his Demonic hordes. Soon some of Rivellon's most prominent knights assembled in Rivertown's great cathedral and formed, then and there, the Order of the Dragon Slayers. Each of the knights vowed to dedicate his or her life to the extinction of the race of Dragons and their human agents, the Dragon Knights, who were both from then on dubbed "Betrayers". The vows they took can be found in the booklet Tenets of the Order of the Dragon Slayers.

– History of the Dragon Slayers, Part I, Divinity II: Ego Draconis

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