Divinity 2 Jedediah

Jedediah resides at the Dragon Cliff Castle in the Orobas Fjords, and is a devout worshiper of Dragon Knight Orobas. He was witness to the invasion of the Orobas Fjords, led by a Dragon Slayer, Lord Arben. The fires and brutal deaths that occurred has convinced Jedediah that rather than Slayers, they are more aptly described as savages.


Jedediah gives you the quest Down the Hatch which is composed of two sub-quests:


Mindreading him reveals the following:

Jedediah's mind is filled with images of Dragons blurred into a phantasmagorical vision of reverence in which the towers of Dragon Cliff Castle stand more prominent than anything else.


  • The player may encounter a bug where attempting to talk to him results in the game just trying to load and you can't move. [Confirmation Needed]

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