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Keara's Flying Fortress is located just southeast of Champion Harbour. It is a frozen fortress with level 28 enemies. When you get inside the headquarters, you meet Keara who tells you you have to solve a riddle to get to her, and you'll probably starve to death in her maze. If you mindread her, you find out that all the statues in the maze lie. Next to her you will also see a ghost who was her husband, Velanir. Apparently, during truth or dare with a demon, Velanir dared the demon to slit his own throat and it actually did it. He tells you that after failing to revive him she went a little mad and reanimated his bones and believes its still him and even strokes it and who knows what else when she is alone with it. He gives you the quest Close to the Bone to reunite him with his body so he can move on. The answer to the statues' riddle can be found in the Close to the Bone quest page and is quite useful if your statues glitch (they don't talk and therefore no clues). After gaining access to Keara's quarters, you can talk to her to complete Velanir's quest, and then fight her afterwards. Keara is level 29.

  • Mindread Velanir's ghost to learn about his axe that is behind an ice wall. When you find the ice wall, there is a switch on the wall near it that you press, and you have to do it before defeating Keara.
  • Keara does not have any part of the Ulthring armor set.

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