General Edit

The Leadership skill is extremely useful for one person on your team to invest in. When your teammates have direct line of sight on the character with Leadership, it provides massive offensive and defensive boosts, even making them immune to certain statusdoss! It is most effective on a Man at Arms character, as they will always be in view in the middle of the fight, though it will work on any character.

Scaling Edit

Leadership Skill Level Initiative Damage Chance to Hit Critical Strike Chance Armour Willpower Immune To Body Building
1 +5 +5%
2 +5 +5% +10%
3 +5 +5% +10% +3%
4 +10 +10% +10% +3% +3
5 +10 +10% +10% +3% +5 +1 Fear
6 +10 +10% +15% +5% +7 +1 Fear +1

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