Blossius livia

Blossius and Livia inside the abandoned mill

Legionnaires at the Church is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin.

Aureus, the watch commander, dispatched a unit of guards to the old church of Cyseal, but he has not heard from them since. He asks you to look into the matter.


  • Leave the city through the eastern gate: the one right next to Legionnaire HQ. Head North for a bit until you reach the ruined water mill. Inside the mill, you will encounter two frightened undead, named Blossius and Livia.
  • Talk to Blossius who tells you what happened at the Church. All the legionnaires are either dead or have been turned into undead. Upon getting this information you receive 840 XP and your journal updates.  Report back to Captain Aureus at Legionnaire HQ for an additional 600 XP and the completion of the quest.
  • If you play the Enhanced Edition you have to talk to Selenia in front off the Cook's House to finish the quest.


  • Blossius also gives you another quest, The Legionnaire's Will. In order to complete this quest you must exit Cyseal and enter Luculla Forest and find the mining town called Silverglen. Later in the story you will arrive there anyway, so it is advisable to leave this quest for when you are at a higher level.
  • If you want additional information about how the legionnaires died, you can talk to Livia, but this won't affect the quest in any way


  • 840 XP after talking to Blossius
  • 600 XP when you report back to Aureus



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