DOS Quest The Mad Mage's Maze - Like Father Like Son

This quest is acquired when you approach two trolls east of the Goblin Village Waypoint Portal - Archibald and his son Amadeus.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Refuse to pay the toll for +1 Independent and 6000 XP for killing Archibald.
  • Pay the toll for +1 Obedient and no XP.

Alternate Method:

  • If you kill the Troll King before meeting Archibald. Speak with Archibald and he will declare himself as the new Troll king leaving the bridge open for you, giving 4000 XP and some loot as reward.

Rewards Edit

  • 6000 XP if you kill Archibald
  • +1 Independent or +1 Obedient.

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