The Hold Edit


The Hold is the name of the maps aboard the tutorial ship that the player starts on.

The hold
The hold second floor-0

Floor 1 Edit

1: Location of Greasy Key.

2: Use the Greasy Key on this door.

3: Story progression here.

Floor 2 Edit

1: Source Hound. Not worth much xp and he can shred weaker classes easily.

2: Skull Door, extra loot and a cinematic. Some experience too.

Experience Gains Edit

400xp for watching the cutscene with Windego.

200xp for persuading the two magisters to not attack you.

100xp for both magisters if you kill them.

200xp for entering the skull marked room.

100xp for both viscous voidlings.

20xp for killing the Source Hound.

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