All my life I've been a performer, a musician; beloved and celebrated by all. But I have a secret: I'm also a playground for sprites and spirits and... worse. The voice that rings inside me now is darker than any that came before; almost caused a bunch of my fans to rip each other to pieces! But you can trust me, I've got this under control.

Lohse is a human bard first encountered while aboard The Hold; you later meet her again after landing in Fort Joy.


Upon first meeting her, Lohse seems upbeat and energetic, as well as sarcastic and good humored; but deep inside her psyche, there is evil taking root and spreading throughout her. Despite this, Lohse is a strong and independent woman who has a bucket load of sass ready for anyone who catches her eye, and she wants nothing more than to rid herself of the demon lurking inside her mind.

While her overall temperament is kind and compassionate, the darkness she keeps just below the surface—while no choice of her own—does affect her judgment and personality, thus warping it on occasion into something twisted and sinister.

Lohse is default Enchanter, a support mage class.

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