Lord Lovis is the occupant of Lovis' Tower, as it's his tower. You can mind read him for 800 exp to unlock the chest to the left of the throne (his left, your right). The chest contains random charms, potions and misc items.

He was a former Dragon Knight and when he died Maxos ripped his soul from his body storing it in a bottle in Maxos' Temple. Now after one thousand years he still roams the halls of his tower hoping to find someone who can get his soul back so that he can pass away in The Halls of Echoes.He was punished by Maxos because he was too distracted by women and wine to protect the valley he was stationed in. From other various ghosts and character we find out that he was very cruel and tortured many poor humans.At first the students admired him because of his noble goals but later he became very feared amongst them when they found out his true personality.

After turning in the quest Looking for Lovis, he gives you Paper Trail. He also gives you the quest Lost Soul where you have a choice to make.

After completing the quest Lost Soul he unlocks the chest right of the throne.

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