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Maol is an old Elf that hangs around the beach south-west of the Shrine of the Seven. Talking to him the first time he'll want to know about you, what is your story, if you tell him he will reward you with a Ruby, mysterious seeds or a bag depending of your answers and you can trade with him, he is the Geomancer trainer for the island.

Maol's Inventory

He will sell you Contamination, Fortify, Magical Poison Dart and Fossil Strike.

It is currently unknown if you can do anything with the seeds Maol gives you

Maol's Gifts

Through testing I have noticed that only how you answer on his 3rd question matters when determining his gift to you.

Say you hope to gain great power will reward you with Mysterious Seeds.

Say you hope to find something you've lost rewards you with a Ruby.

Saying you hope your burdens will be lifted will reward you with a Backpack.

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