Mind over Matter is a quest that takes place throughout Aleroth in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. Become the first draconic delivery boy in Rivellon history as you scurry your way through alleyways and taverns looking for rare items to fulfill hidden desires that you discover by mindreading NPCs. You start with a round paperweight and end up with a load of exp - simply by finding an object, bringing this object to another NPC, then repeating again and again, times seven.


The quest can be triggered mindreading any of 8 NPCs (see Quest NPCs). However, before you begin, you will need to loot a Bellegar Coin from a corpse in an alley on Lanilor Lane. Once you have the first item, you can begin exchanging items with each NPC until you have completed the quest. The NPCs must be visited in the order below and each NPC must be mindread before the quest item can be turned in.

Starting LocationEdit

Mind Over Matter - Start - 001 - regular size

Take the teleport to Lanilor Lane and duck into the alley to the right next to Willy's House (see images). You'll find a treasure chest you cannot open yet and a corpse up on a shelf. Loot the corpse for a Bellegar Coin.


Messalina is located in the basement of the Circle of Trust Inn.


Bernard is located on the top floor of the Healers' House in the Great Market district.


Mind over Matter - Map - Flora - Bedwyr
Bedwyr is located on the 2nd floor of the Phoenix Inn.

Dr. WestEdit

Dr. West is located in the basement of the Circle of Trust Inn.


Mind over Matter - Map - Casca
Casca is located in front of the Mardaneus Plaza barricade with a group of Champions.


Mind over Matter - Map - Virginius
Virginius is one of two Champions standing on either side of the stairs leading down from the Great Market towards Mardaneus Plaza.


Mind over Matter - Map - Flora - Bedwyr
Flora is located at the bar in the Phoenix Inn.


Valeri location
Valeri can be found inspecting runes on the path to Lanilor Lane.

If you need help identifying a NPCs check the Quest NPCs section.


Mind over Matter - Map - 002b

Quest Map

The map shows the location of NPCs in the order each should be visited. Red indicates indoors, green outdoors, and blue the starting quest location.

Quest NPCsEdit




Messalina is the first NPC you will talk to on your way to completing your quest. She's looking for something forging a striking resemblance to Bellegar, but what could it be?

This Champion also offers the quest Old Dog or New Tricks?




Bernard is in charge, or at the very least he claims true leadership of the Aleroth Healers' Guild. The city's chief healer is the second stop on your paper route. Contrary to how its cover reads, the book Bernard is after (The Saucy Lass from Rivertown) can best be described as a classical guide to the finer points of social networking. Its best that we archive a copy for later reading.

Bernard also appears to have a penchant for the culinary. Perhaps its An Appetite For Murder.




So you found the skeleton in the closet. It turns out he lost his perfect sinews and is now no more than a collection of bones. Skeleton of former Bedwyr claims he was once a great enchanter. Unfortunately you can't put his claims to the test as his machines are now in disarray. With a few missing parts maybe you can help Bedwyr Fire'em Up!.

As much fun as it sounds watching machines go clink, you should probably barter for that new designer appendage the doctor's been asking for.

Dr. WestEdit

Dr West

Dr. West

Dr. West, a man who envisions what your head would look like on a Dragon Elf's body and also inspires to one day lead Aleroth. Let's hope his folly doesn't come to pass, but at least he not constantly shouting death.




Champion Casca needs a pacifier, but is instead getting a toy airship. You'd better see to it that this Champion never gets his hands on the real thing.




Champion Virginius will go where you need him. Poison gas, no problem. Flying fortresses, doesn't even see 'em. If you've got a dark forest that needs some scouting, all you need to do is point him in the right direction.




Aleroth has its share of great drinking establishments. At the Phoenix Inn you'll find your share of rowdy patrons and the occasional flower. Flora is missing some pricey neckwear that likely costs a year of Champion's salary. Perhaps you can help her out?




Valeri miraculously appears out of nowhere at the push of a button. Rumors have it he was locked inside a rune by an man with an insidious plan.

Push the buttons first or you will get the worst of fates: no quest reward. He is the last stop on your route and someone whom without you cannot complete your quest to mindread NPCs for a large sum of xp.

Quest ItemsEdit

Bellegar coin

Bellegar CoinEdit

A coin found on corpse at quest starting location.

Red book

The Saucy Lass from RivertownEdit

A book given by Messalina in exchange for the coin.

High hall wine

High Hall WineEdit

A beverage given by Bernard in exchange for the book.

Enigmatic limb

Enigmatic LimbEdit

A limb given by Bedwyr in exchange for the wine.

Miniature zeppelin

Miniature ZeppelinEdit

A toy given by Dr. West in exchange for the limb.



An item given by Casca in exchange for the toy.

Pearl necklace

Pearl NecklaceEdit

Jewelry given by Virginius in exchange for the compass.

Raccoon rune

Raccoon RuneEdit

The embodiment for awesomeness given by Flora in exchange for the jewelry.


This quest is comprised of a set of short sub-quests. Each NPC you deliver an item to will offer you a sub-quest reward. An additional reward is given upon completion of the entire quest. There is a small chance to get 5 malachite gems as an optional final reward. Depending on your level of mindreading skill, you could easily end up with a net loss of experience points at the end of this quest.

Rewards per sub-quest:

  • 4873 exp and 600 gold
  • Once choice of: 2435 exp, 600 gold, 3 random items

Rewards for main quest:

  • 10560 exp, 2400 gold, and 3 Skill Books
  • Two choices of: 5280 exp, 2400 gold, 7 random items

Total quest rewards:

  • 49544 exp, 7200 gold, and 3 Skill Books
  • Maximum additional xp: 24760
  • Maximum additional gold: 7200

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