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Guide Edit

The player will need the Bless source skill for this quest, The Voices needs to be completed for this.

  1. Start the quest via one of these two.
    1. Go to the Sanctuary of Amadia and speak to the residents there.
    2. Meet Tarlene near the old armoury.
  2. You'll learn Gareth went off to an old armory that holds the weapons of Braccus Rex, their only hope for escaping the Magisters and their Shreikers.
  3. Travel north to the old armory to find Gareth surrounded by Magisters.
  4. Kill the Magister party and speak to Gareth.
  5. Gareth will tell the player that they should return to the sanctuary. Speak to him and then Gratiana. This quest intertwines with The Eternal Worshipper.

Reward Edit

  • 1,200 for Magister Knight
  • 2,400 for Magister Swordsmans
  • 4,800 for Magister Rangers
  • 1,700 for Magister Inquisitor

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