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Zeppelin Parts

Location of all Rudders, Crystals, and Compasses highlighted in red


You must find zeppelin parts hidden in wyvern nests all around Orobas Fjords.

This quest is accepted from Page in Orobas Fjords.


  1. Find all of the zeppelin parts. (See the map for locations.)                                                                             If map locations confuse you, here are the locations:                                                                                                                                                      
  2. -Crystal 1: on the tiny island just south of the entrance to the fjords; climb
    up the ladder and retrieve it from on top of Yggdrasil
    -Crystal 2: on a low cliff east of Camp Sentinel View, across the water from
    Camp David
    -Crystal 3: on a cliff in the middle of the bend just before the entrance to
    Rivertown Gorge [on the same ledge as a boarded-up cave door]
    -Rudder 1: a short ways east of the Camp Freedom teleporter
    -Rudder 2: halfway between the Imps' Lair and Camp David
    -Rudder 3: on a low southwest cliff near the exit to Rivertown Gorge
    -Compass 1: on the cliff directly opposite Rudder 1
    -Compass 2: high up above Moor's shack, just northeast of the entrance to
    Keara's Flying Fortress
    -Compass 3: on a cliff just before the bend on the way to Rivertown Gorge
  3. Return to Page.


Default: 6000 exp and 560 gold.

Extra: 1120 gold or 1500 exp.

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