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Quest: Everybody's A Critic

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Everybody's A Critic
Chef Bourdain




Phoenix Inn




Bourdain, Anona, Darvesh


6211xp, 1300g, 1 skill book + 2 choices (3105xp, 1300g, 6 items)


Bourdain's Cheese, The Food Critic

Everybody's A Critic is a quest assigned by Bourdain at the Phoenix Inn in the Great Market district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. It seems the axiom 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' also applies to women. Help the renown chef concoct a coq bourré for a certain food critic that is just dying to try it out. ==Walkthrough== This quest is divided into two tasks: revealing the food critic, and obtaining a certain rare cheese. The food critic is close to the quest giver, so let's handle it first.
===Sub-quest: The Food Critic=== {| border=0 cellspacing=1 cellpadding=1 style="border-collapse:collapse; width=100%; " |
Everybody's A Critic - The Phoenix Inn - Anona

|You can find the critic at her at a table in the Phoenix Inn with two other ladies whom are having a good time. Mindread Anona to be determine that she is the Aleroth Times food critic - if you ask her about it, she'll say its preposterous. |}
===Sub-quest: Bourdain's Cheese=== The next part of the quest involves finding a rare blue cheese made from the milk of giant rabbits. Fortunately the quest does not involve building a great wall or even milking the poor creatures. Just remember the name and be on the lookout for a wheel of Gorgombert cheese. By reading the newspaper article on the bar, through logical deduction, or plain simple luck, you might conclude that a wealthy resident of Aleroth may have some of this smelly stuff stashed away in his kitchen or perhaps in some backroom that has been isolated from the residence to prevent the smell from entering any inhabitable area. In the later case, you might have come across a door marked "Back Entrance." Now all you need is the key... {| border=0 cellspacing=1 cellpadding=1 style="border-collapse:collapse; width=100%; " |
Aleroth - Map - Darvesh
|The homeless will do almost anything for a coin or three: perhaps letting slip the location where someone forgot a shield made of deadly blades. But give up the location of where he eats, never. You'd need to be a mindreader to learn that. Its a good thing you are. Drain the information from Darvesh's brain in Mardaneus Plaza to learn the whereabouts of the key you're looking for. |- | Everybody's A Critic - Map - Gula Back Entrance Key.png Everybody's A Critic - Lanilor Lane - Gula Back Entrance Key.png |After mindreading Darvesh, go to Sir Gula's House on Lanilor Lane and grab the key resting on the potted plant and open the adjacent backdoor. |- | Everybody's A Critic - Map - Gula Back Room.png Everybody's A Critic - Gula Back Room - Gorgombert.png |Grab the Gorgombert cheese and hurry back to the Phoenix Inn. |} Alternately, you can obtain the cheese from Gula's home after completing the quest An Appetite For Murder. In case you gathered both before handing the cheese over to Bourdain, the critic-part will no longer be required, since he'll have enough cheese for everybody. ==Map==
Everybody's A Critic - Map

Quest Map

The map shows the location in the order they appear in the game quest log. Red indicates indoor quest item or NPC, green outdoor quest item or NPC, and blue the quest start and finish locations. ==Quest NPCs== {| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 100%; " | ===Bourdain===

| A man so skilled with a blade you might gain some mental insight by (mind)reading his techniques. |- |  |- | ===Anona===

| A woman who's trying to remain incognito even in her bylines. |- |  |- | ===Darvesh===

| This guy is your personal piggy bank. If you manage to save up one coin at a time, the results might be rewarding. He's also stealing some pricey rare foods, so you might want to read into that. |} ==Quest Items== {| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" style="border-collapse:collapse; width: 100%; text-align: center; " !style="background:#000; color:#000;" |
Gorgombert |A pungent cheese found in Sir Gula's House. |} ==Rewards== After revealing the critic and giving Bourdain the cheese you must leave and wait for him to cook. Anona will have the dish in front of her when you're able to complete the quest. (You need to leave the inn, enter another building such as the Healers' House, then return to inn to trigger the end of the quest.) The rewards for completing the Bourdain's Cheese sub-quest are received after giving it to him. The rewards for completing The Food Critic sub-quest are received at the same time as the main quest rewards when Bourdain is finished cooking. Bourdain's Cheese: *4873 exp and 600 gold *Once choice of: 2435 exp, 600 gold, 1 gem, 25 herbs, or 5 ore The Food Critic: *4873 exp and 600 gold *Once choice of: 2435 exp, 600 gold, 1 gem, 25 herbs, or 5 ore Everybody's A Critic: *6211 exp, 1300 gold, and 1 Skill Book *Two choices of: 3105 exp, 1300 gold, 1 creature part, 1 formula, 2 gems, 1 jewelry, 15 ore, or 5 potions Total rewards: *15957 exp, 2500 gold, and 1 Skill Book *Maximum additional exp: 7975 *Maximum additional gold: 2500 ==Trivia== *"Coq Bourré" is French for stuffed rooster.

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