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Something Rotten is a quest received from Kelton the skeleton located in the basement of the Healer's House in Aleroth.

I met a skeleton named Kelton who claims he is posessed. I should try to find the Demon that is haunting him.

Prerequisites Edit

Access Emergency Barracks Quarantine area, by starting First Aid. Talk to a skeleton named Kelton.

This quest ties in with the Black Ring character plotlines for Halliwell and Laeniel.

Walkthrough Edit

If you mindread Ricky, the bartender at the Phoenix Inn, you will find out that he lost the key to the Top Floor room, where Halliwell was staying, under the bridge on Lanilor Lane. (Halliwell has since moved in to the Circle of Trust Inn) Head to Lanilor Lane and check the north side of the rubble to find the Phoenix Inn Top Room Key.

Go back to the inn and into the top room. Light the candles on the floor to summon the demon Ezaazh. Kill him and return to Kelton.

In the back room are three paintings. *Still in Phoenix Inn* The left one needs to go up one, leave the middle one alone, and the third goes up two. A chest will appear with various loot.

Rewards Edit

6211 xp, 1300 gold, 2 choices, 1 skill book

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