Regenerate is a skill that can be used by human characters. Once trained in this skill, it is always in effect.

Regenerate Pic

Skill Text: "Forgoing the need of healing spells to patch up your wounds over time, the regenerate skill ensures the slow but steady revitalization of your life energy. This process gains in speed as its practitioner learns to use it more effectively."

Note: There is additional skill text for this skill which says, "This bonus is added to the regenerate rate based on your character's strength and equipment."  While this skill effects both base stats and gear it still yields small returns after the first level.

Skill Level Percentage of Max Life Regenerated per Second (%)
1 0.21
2 0.25
3 0.28
4 0.32
5 0.35
6 0.39
7 0.42
8 0.46
9 0.49
10 0.53
11 0.56
12 0.6
13 0.63
14 0.67
15 0.7

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