This is a companion quest associated with Madora and it is obtained when you speak to some prisoners in Sacred Stone village prison or when you first enter the Phantom Forest. Note: if Madora is not in your group you can still attack and kill Norok for the quest XP without ever having the quest in the log.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Speak to all of the prisoners in the Northeastern cell in Sacred Stone prison or enter the Phantom Forest with Madora in your party.
  2. A dialogue with Madora should pop up. Listen to her story. The quest will continue when you enter Hunter's Edge by the quest Infiltrating Hunter's Edge.
  3. Speak to Jahrl about the flesh butcher and learn that there is a savage Orc in the 2nd floor of tavern.
  4. Go to the 2nd floor of the Hunter's Edge Tavern to find Norok. There he is playing with dead bodies and looking at some paintings.
  5. A dialogue with Madora ensues after which you can kill Norok the Spinebreaker, completing the quest.

Rewards Edit

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