You need to have the Pet Pal talent in order to get this quest. Roy's camp is a little north from the Goblin Village Waypoint Portal. After you talk to Roy and find out that the animals are going to be sacrificed, have a character with Pet Pal talk to Doreen the cow. Tell her that they are going to be killed and she will ask you to save them. Talk to Roy again and you can either buy the animals or win a game of RPS to free them. If the quest is not resolved right away Roy and the animals will disappear after a short while. After talking to people in Sacred Stone it is revealed the animals were sacrificed and the quest ends without reward.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Talk to Doreen after finding out that Roy is leading them to the slaughter for 3150 XP.
  2. Talk to Timfred the rabbit and he will flee. Roy will have -25 attitude towards your party.
  3. Talk to Roy for two choices:
    • Pay 1300 gold to Roy and gain 3150 XP to purchase the animals. You will gain +1 Altruistic.
    • Win an RPS check (Reason for +1 Context Bonus) for 3150 XP + 5145 Charisma XP.
    • Note: You can offer to pay gold only to instead decline upon hearing the cost of 1300 gold for +1 Egotistical.
    • Note: You can also kill Roy for 2865 XP if you refuse to pay and fail the RPS check to progress through this quest.
  4. Talk to Doreen for two choices:
    • Seek new pastures (Phantom Forest) for +1 Bold and 4500 XP.
    • Return to Cyseal for +1 Cautious and 4500 XP.

Rewards Edit

  • 3150 XP + 3150 XP + 4500 XP
  • +1 Altruistic or 5145 Charisma XP
  • +1 Bold or +1 Cautious
  • Note: Talk to Doreen either back in Cyseal or in the Phantom Forest. She will reward you by telling you the location of a secret chest.

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